A collection by Chus Galiano.

Rice with Things is a mix-media collection of panel assemblages based on abstract expressionism and pop-art. Its conceptualization revolves around the possibility that anything can become art, while appealing to global creativity.

The series explores the frontiers of art and is inspired by pop methodology, with works that challenge perceptions traditional and elitist art, posing fundamental questions such as “What is art?”, “Who can make art?” or “Fine arts or popular art?”. In doing so, it invites viewers to reflect on the art system and its relationship with mass culture and daily life.

In this visual dialogue, color plays a crucial role, being a link between pop-art and abstract expressionism. The collection draws on this potential to evoke emotions and build visual narratives, while emphasizing the importance of the creative process inherent to abstract expressionism. Each work is a testimony of a personal, emotional and technical journey, where the Experimentation and expression are valued as much as the final result.

The works represent a harmonious fusion of two different artistic movements through a vibrant color palette, the combination of abstract and figurative shapes, and objects attached to the panels, which provide a sculptural character, thus becoming a commentary on the evolutionary nature of art.

It is a testament to how different artistic styles and philosophies can coexist and enrich each other, creating a visual language that can be both provocative and aesthetically pleasing.

Enjoy Your Rice !