Chus Galiano

Place of birth

Seville, 1975


UOC Degree in Arts


Andalucia, Spain

Chus Galiano specializes in mixed media, blending abstract expressionism with pop art. His creations, characterized by vibrant colors and unconventional materials, offer commentary on everyday objects of consumer society, transforming them into culturally recontextualized artifacts.

He resides and works in a cozy studio in Seville, Spain, far from urban hustle, drawing inspiration from nature and his life experiences. In his free time, Chus cherishes quality moments with his family, enjoys leisurely walks along the coast or through the countryside, and delves into books and videos exploring artistic theories.



“Anything can evolve into art through a unique process”
“Many times the materials themselves guide the creation”
“I like to prioritize objects that are related to everyday life”